The Rio Safari Elche – A Superb Animal Park

Published: 11th April 2007
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The Rio Safari Elche - Sitting amongst over 4,000 palm trees on the road between Elche and Santa Pola is the amazing animal park, the Rio Safari Elche. Children and adults alike will certainly enjoy a day out at this fine Costa Blanca tourist attraction, one of the best places to visit in the whole region.

Located conveniently on the road from Santa Pola to Elche (CV-865) it is well signposted and easy to find. Before making the trip it could be well worth your while to visit your local tourist office as there are usually discount vouchers to be found or even "children go free" vouchers. Pick up a leaflet and a map while you are there.

The Rio Safari Elche has other facilities apart from just the animal park - the swimming pool is open during the hot summer months, so take some towels and swimming costumes (and especially suntan lotion!) and enjoy a cooling dip while you are there. Tabled picnic areas are provided, so you can take your own snacks and refreshments (though refreshments are available on site).

A unique part of the whole experience of the Rio Safari Elche is the 'train' ride through the park. The train takes visitors in with the animals (not the lions and tigers!) and offers some great photo opportunities. Also included in the ticket price is free entry into the animal shows - these include a sea-lion show, an elephant show and a parrot show, all with commentaries in Spanish and English and all worth visiting and highly entertaining.

Feeding the many animals is one of the most enjoyable parts of the whole Rio Safari Elche experience and you can do this whilst walking through the park during free periods between the 'train' rides and animal shows. The most fun to feed are the giraffes, who are very gentle and graceful and do enjoy a nice juicy carrot (or three!) - they will take one from your hand, using their long tongue.

The goat pen is sometimes open for visitors to go inside and carrots may be on sale at the entrance for feeding them. However the goats can be a little over-enthusiastic at the sight of a carrot, so a little care is needed.

There are a great selection of different animal species on show at the Rio Safari Elche and these include, buffalo, antelope, deer, crocodiles, llamas, camels, emus, osriches, giraffes, lions, tigers, jaguars, chimps, monkeys, prairie dogs, swans, goats, a hippo and an elephant. There is also an excellent bird house with a good variety of parrots and other species, plus there is an aquarium and reptile house with many species of fish, lizards and snakes.

Over the last year or so the Rio Safari has been undergoing some refurbishments and improvements which have helped to make your visit even more entertaining and enjoyable. The park is trying to be more up to date and attractive and this will surely attract even more visitors.

So there you have it - the Rio Safari Elche, a great place to spend a day during a trip to the Costa Blanca in Spain and a unique experience unlike any other. Take a day out to wander amongst the four thousand palm trees and to enjoy the many species of animals.

Situated between Elche and Santa Pola just off the CV-865, The Rio Safari Elche is well signposted and easy to find.

This article on the Rio Safari Elche was written by Steve Locke who lives in Cabo Roig on the southern Costa Blanca. He writes articles for his local newspaper. To see more pictures and information on the Rio Safari look here:- Rio Safari Elche to see a picture of the baby hippo look here:- Baby Hippo Picture and to learn more about the nearby city of Elche famous for its palm tree forest click here:- Elche

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